MIL-DTL-MIL-DTL-38999 series III is the newest high density circular connector designed for highest performance capabilities used in both general purpose and severe environment applications.

These connectors feature an improved "one-turn" coupling system, utilizing self-locking acme thread. Acme threads provide coupling durability, while thicker wall sections and greater coupling surface area improve strength and shock resistance. Blunting of the threads on both receptacle and plug coupling nut eliminates cross threading.

The connectors are offered in 9 shell size such as Wall mount receptacle, jam nut receptacle and straight self-locking RFI plug. These connectors are available in wide range of finishes. Aluminum shells are offered in electroless nickel and olive drab cadmium. Anodic and zinc cobalt finishes are available upon request.

Metal-to-Metal Bottoming - This feature precludes relative shell-to-shell motion, which may result in ordinary connector wear and moisture entrapment.

Universal I/R Tool - A single, insertion and removal plastic tool are used for both insertion and removal of contacts.

Scoop-Proof Design - Recessed pins in elongated shells minimize the possibility for contact damage. In a blind mating application, mating shells cannot "scoop" the pins, and cause a shorting or bending of contacts.

Closed-Entry Socket Insert - Hard dielectric socket face has lead-in chamfers to guide and align the pins contacts with sockets.

Interfacial Pin Insert Seal - Raised moisture barriers around each pin, which mate into lead-in chamfers of hard face socket insert, provide individual contact sealing.

Superior Contact Stability - The use of beryllium copper clip ensures superior contact retention system captivated by molded-in shoulders of each contact cavity in the insulator.