Rotary is a leading designer, manufacture and market leader of interconnection solutions. Rotary is manufacturing high performance connectors. These expertise and capabilities enables us to turn your interconnection problems to solutions. The best performance of the circular multipin connectors are achieved by proper termination of wires/cables, the proper anchoring of the cable to the connectors, the proper positioning of the wire/cable after termination. Rotary Back Shells are designed for environmental protection needs of circular connectors. These have been designed to suit various end applications considering the mounting, environmental conditions, external influence and working conditions. These are designed to meet the requirements of military standards.

Protective Cap Assembly

These cap and chain assemblies are used with Mil-DTL- 26482 series I & II connector, The protective covers gives additional protection against moisture, dust and sand. The caps are manufactured from aluminum.

The standard finishes of cap & chain are Cadmium with olive drab finish, Electroless nickel and anodized black . Other alternate finishes are also available on request. The chain is manufactured from stainless steel and is passivated.The dust cap also comes with rope assembly. We also build Protective dust cover to customized connectors.